Price List

We offer two purchasing routes for your online 360 degree feedback questionnaire and report.

1. Self Managed – where you manage the process yourself with our easy to follow User Guide and telephone support should you need help.

2. Premium Administered Service – which is fully administered by us; you tell us who you wish to undertake the 360° and we do the rest.

We also offer 2 distinct approaches to the 360 degree feedback.

1. Individual 360 Degree Feedback Questionnaire

Self managed  – £120 per 360 work-set

Premium Administered Service – £145 per 360 work-set

(All prices are inclusive)

2. Team or Organisation wide 360 Degree Feedback Projects

Self managed:

– for 1 – 10 = £120 per 360 work-set

– for more than 10 = £100 per 360 work-set

Premium Administered Service

– for 1- 10 = £145 each per 360 work-set

– for more than 10 = £135 per 360 work-set

(All prices are inclusive)

Get the most from your Director360

Use a Workshop Facilitator or Executive Coach to work with you, your Directors, Senior Managers and their colleagues. We can provide help and support with;

  • Preparatory Workshops – to brief those involved and those interested before the project starts
  • Design and delivery of your Director360 appraisal project
  • Training your own facilitators to support and coach those going through Director360.
  • Follow up workshops to create Executive Development Plans (EDP’s).
  • 1:1 feedback interviews and Executive Coaching with Directors, Senior Managers and others going through the process.
  • Working with you to assimilate Director360 into your learning and development regime
  • Ongoing support
  • Training Needs Analysis
  • Creation and delivery of a range of Workshops and other interventions to support the development of your Directors and Senior Managers

To find out more and for a no obligation discussion give us a call on 07952 179714 or email

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